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Just like conventional loans, VA home loans come with a set of fees and costs associated with buying the home. Learn about specific VA loan fees here.

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VA Loan Fees for Construction, Repair and Alterations

Just like conventional loans, VA home loans come with a set of fees and costs associated with buying the home. There are costs related to assessments, credit reports, and flood zone determination.

Some VA borrowers may need to pay the charges associated with flood zone determination, and existing VA mortgage holders looking to refinance may have to pay the expenses of using Federal Express and other services that are required to get paperwork submitted and received quickly to avoid additional interest payments.


Different types of VA home loans may incur different types of fees. In the case of VA construction loans, for example, allow lenders to charge above and beyond the traditional VA loan lender's flat fee. The lender can charge up to two percent of the total loan amount IF the lender supervises the progress of the construction and/or;

· Gives the borrower an advance on the loan
· The advance is 50% or more of the total loan amount

VA loan regulations state that if the lender does not supervise construction progress or advance more than half the loan amount to the borrower, the lender is still allowed to charge an additional 1% of the loan total amount in addition to the lender's 1% flat fee. These rules also apply to repair, alteration, and supplemental loans.

First time house hunters should ask questions about these types of expenses as they begin the budgeting and planning stages of buying a new home. If you aren't interested in trying to get a VA guaranteed new construction loan, those particular fees won't apply to you-but which fees do?

More importantly, are you exempt from paying certain fees?

If you're getting VA compensation for service-related injuries or disabilities, you may not have to pay some of the traditional fees associated with getting a VA mortgage. Before you start the house hunting process, make an appointment with your nearest VA office or call the VA's central number (1-800-827-1000) to get more information about what your options may be when it comes to a VA home loan.