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The VA home loan program helps veterans and military servicemembers finance the purchase of homes with favorable loan terms and low interest rates.

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--> Your VA Loan and Natural Disasters

Even if your home is uninhabitable after a fire, flood, earthquake or other disaster, keep on making your VA mortgage payments. Insurance claims are a complex and confusing portion of the disaster recovery process.

--> Who Can Use the VA Loan Benefit?

Dependent children of veterans cannot have the VA home loan benefit transferred to them. Some of the confusion may arise from the fact that other VA home loan benefits have become transferable to dependents, such as the GI Bill.

--> VA Loan Myths: The Honorable Discharge Requirement

There is a common variation on a theme when it comes to questions of the VA loan rules that cover military discharges. Do VA Loan rules require a borrower to have an honorable discharge in order to qualify for the program?

--> A Frequently Asked Question About VA Appraisal Expiration Dates

There are plenty of common questions about VA loans in general, but where the appraisal process is specifically concerned, there is one the comes up very frequently about appraisal expiration dates and appraisal re-use.

--> Answers to a Common Question About VA Appraisals

“I just bought a home using a VA Loan and just found out that the electrical circuits are not grounded. Is this something that should have been discovered at the time of the appraisal?”