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The VA home loan program helps veterans and military servicemembers finance the purchase of homes with favorable loan terms and low interest rates.

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Not available in AZ, IL, MN, NV, or NY

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--> Who Can Use the VA Loan Benefit? - VALoans.com

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs has strict eligibility requirements for those wishing to use the VA loan. This article looks at who can use this benefit.

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Do VA Loan rules require a borrower to have an honorable discharge in order to qualify for the program?

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One of the most common questions we receive about the VA appraisal pertains to the expiration date and appraisal reuse.

--> Answers to a Common Question About VA Appraisals

“I just bought a home using a VA Loan and just found out that the electrical circuits are not grounded. Is this something that should have been discovered at the time of the appraisal?”

--> Can a Spouse Alone Apply for a VA Loan? - VALoans.com

The eligibility of a spouse to apply for a VA Loan without the participation of the veteran depends on several factors. Divorce and separation are just two.