Rates on home loans have been on a downward trend for much of the year, and that gives homebuyers extra incentive to purchase soon. Many experts have been surprised at the direction rates have moved in 2014.


National Averages for July 26, 2014


3.95% Rate
3.96% APR


3.0% Rate
3.29% APR
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June 2014

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Borrowers Gain Bargains

Rates on home loans have been on a downward trend for much of the year, and that gives homebuyers extra incentive to purchase soon. Many experts have been surprised at the direction rates have moved in 2014. "It's a temporary window of opportunity for buyers in that a year from now rates will be higher," economist Mark Zandi told Bloomberg News. "I wouldn't count on these low rates for very long."

You can take advantage of rate fluctuations by letting us monitor the market for you. We'll help you select a time to finalize your real estate transaction, to ensure you obtain affordable monthly payments. Homebuyers taking advantage of today's circumstances will benefit from low rates for years. Someone purchasing today with a 30-year home loan can have the same monthly payments as long as they live there.

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Want to Learn About Your Credit Score?

Real Estate Warms Up

Home construction and sales of existing residences both strengthened this spring after a slow first quarter. Late winter storms caused housing activity to weaken early in 2014, but better weather is bringing buyers out. One sign of the market's health is that homes are selling faster in many parts of the country than they did earlier this year.

A recent survey of real estate agents also shows that more than 60 percent of buyers this spring encountered competing offers on homes they were seeking to purchase. Close to two out of five properties nationally sold for more than their asking price earlier this year. However, that's down from 2013, when about 45 percent of home sale prices were bid up by purchasers.

Lower mortgage rates are giving consumers strong reasons to shop for properties. And in response more owners are putting their homes on the market, which gives buyers additional residences to choose from.

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Borrowing costs rose last spring when investors became concerned the Federal Reserve was pulling away from its low-rate policies. But those fears proved to be unfounded in the months afterward, as purchases of mortgage-backed securities by the Fed dominated the market. High demand for mortgages from the central bank has encouraged rates to fall in recent months. Recently rates hit their lowest levels since 2013, notes mortgage investment firm Freddie Mac.

Homeowners who would benefit from moving into a larger home or a neighborhood closer to family, activities or jobs should start looking at properties soon. We also can show renters mortgage options which feature low down payments. Get in touch with us today to discover what your payments would be on a terrific home. We'll work on your to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Healthy Conditions

Fortunately, the market is coming into a better balance of buyers and sellers. Low real estate inventories caused home values to jump rapidly last year. But price increases around the country are moderating in 2014. Slower price gains and lower rates both are positive developments for households considering a purchase.

Plenty of Americans have put off looking for a better place to live. Life events, ranging from a new job to retirement, can prompt us to become homebuyers. Today's buyers have improved their credit scores by paying down debt in recent years. Many are saving funds for a down payment, as well.

To do well in today's real estate market you need to be ready to submit a solid offer once you've found the right property. We'll show you how much you can comfortably spend on a home before you start shopping. You'll then be ready to negotiate confidently on a home you'll love. Not being aware of what your monthly payments will be makes it harder to commit to buying a home.

Surveys show that our desire for owning real estate hasn't dimmed. Talk with us soon, and you may discover your ability to purchase is stronger than you think.

Housing's Proper Role

Some real estate market commentators are concerned because housing isn't playing the outsized role in the U.S. economy that it was a decade ago. However, we won't return to that period of rapid expansion of home building and property sales anytime soon. Consumers, builders and lenders are acting more cautiously now. We're in a gradual recovery period that should produce steady ongoing growth in housing.

One thing which is certain is that America's population keeps expanding. Our need for housing naturally is rising as a result. Further boosts to residential construction and sales will come as the U.S. produces more jobs, economists say. Feeling secure about our future is essential to making a smart home purchase.

New Home Sales Tactics

Homeowners preparing to move up are finding buyers ready to purchase their current house. A shortage of sale properties in some communities means potential buyers are eager to make an offer on your residence. A recent article in The Wall Street Journal related how home sellers are obtaining good results after giving prospective buyers a deadline for submitting offers. Real estate markets with strong sales are encouraging sellers to tell prospective buyers the due date for their offer.

Close to three out of five homes on the market sold above their listing price when they had purchase offer deadlines. Additionally, these properties sold in half the time compared to listings without deadlines, according to the Journal. Competing buyers will bid aggressively if they find a home they want – and are aware their offer must stand out from others. Persons who know a house is accepting offers only up to a certain time understand they must act decisively, or lose out.

Gaining a good price for your property is just one reason to have a set offer deadline. Being able to better manage the timing of your home's sale also gives move-up buyers more certainty. It's easier for them to shop for houses when they expect to receive good offers by a certain date. Buying and selling real estate can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. We understand the pressures you're under when you're getting a home loan, and work hard to communicate and provide service that will make the process as easy as possible. All our efforts remain focused on giving you the home financing you need!