Renting is a satisfactory option for households who don't want to be tied down to a house. But others view renting simply as making monthly payments on someone else's mortgage.


National Averages for October 25, 2014


3.375% Rate
3.474% APR


2.75% Rate
2.93% APR
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Best Down Payment Strategies

Renting is a satisfactory option for households who don't want to be tied down to a house. But others view renting simply as making monthly payments on someone else's mortgage. Coming up with a down payment can be an obstacle to buying. But too often concerns about having an adequate down payment keep folks who are ready to purchase from even starting to look.

While the days of easy credit are gone, we also aren't going back to the time when all buyers were expected to have a 20 percent down payment. In other words, you probably are closer to purchasing than you might imagine! Many mortgage programs offer great rates with a five percent down payment. Others let you become a homeowner with even less down. Saving for a down payment can be accomplished over time if you put your mind to it. Find purchases you make regularly which can be reduced or eliminated.

Next, set up a bank account specifically for your down payment. And then make a deposit into that account every time you receive a paycheck. If you don't make saving money a priority, it will be more difficult to reach your goals. Another way to make a down payment go further is to buy a house that's smaller than what you originally wanted, or one that needs some fixing up. Purchasing your first house allows you to start building home equity, and that makes it easier to move up in a few years.

How Much to Put Down?

Coming up with a down payment isn't a large concern for some buyers. We'll show you what payments you could expect with different down payment amounts. Putting more down allows you to avoid having mortgage insurance premiums, and also reduces your monthly payments. But it's best not to put all your liquid funds up in your home. Having cash available for emergencies is a sound financial discipline.

Owning real estate is satisfying from the peace of mind it produces. Yet owners also gain financially. They can expect to see their residence go up in value, and simply making monthly payments reduces what you owe – and boosts your future sale profits. However, delaying a house purchase can cost you money. Home prices are rising around the country, and many economists believe that interest rates also will go up in coming months.

If you'd like to move into your own home in the next few years, you might find today's conditions are amenable to purchasing. Contact us right away to learn more about how you can reach your housing goals soon.

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Better than Money

Anyone looking for a new place to live might wish they had unlimited funds to use for buying a house. But understanding your personal needs is more critical to achieving success. Households who can afford huge properties may find they come with big headaches, reports The Wall Street Journal. Employing workers makes cleaning and maintaining a big residence easier, but also reduces your sense of privacy.

High upkeep costs are just the beginning - even communicating with family members who are spread out over a large property is difficult. Sometimes people text each other when they're in the same house to find out where they are. Knowing what you need in a home is just as important as finding out what you can afford. You then can focus your search on houses that fit both your budget and your lifestyle.

Your final choice may wind up being different from what you originally thought was your goal. Regarding home buying as an exploration allows you to gather market information and see how it applies to you before signing a contract.

A Strong Start

Obtaining financing is an essential part of your real estate purchase. Here you also gain by looking seriously at different options. And everyone wins when you talk with a professional loan provider early in the buying process. You'll know what you can afford to spend on a property, and will have a good estimate of what both your monthly payment and closing costs will be. Having this essential financial information helps you identify homes that you can make a realistic offer on. Sellers also like to know that you have financing lined up before they sign a purchase contract with you and take their house off the market.

We'll answer your mortgage questions, and give you pertinent information without overloading you with jargon and details. And we'll give you regular updates as we move towards loan closing. Moving day will be even more exciting once you realize your monthly payments are manageable. You'll be upgrading your lifestyle without taking on too much of a financial commitment.

Housing Market Gains Strength

A number of key factors suggest that real estate markets are getting stronger. Home builders increased their activity this summer, after being cautious about starting new houses earlier in the recovery. Additionally, sales of existing homes recently reached their fastest pace of the year. Pending home sales - based on the number of signed purchase contracts - are on an upward trend as well. "Distressed" sales, which occur when owners sell properties for less than what is owed on them, have fallen to the lowest point since the real estate crisis. People are gaining interest in moving up as a result of these market indicators.

Having fewer distressed sales allows homeowners to get a realistic price on their residence. Additional properties on the market then give buyers a wider selection to choose from. Such signs point to a better balance of supply and demand. A combination of rising home values and a better jobs picture is helping to heal real estate markets. Mortgage rates also are around their lows for the last twelve months. Rates are much lower today than they were a year ago, reports mortgage investment firm Freddie Mac. Get in touch with us soon to discover how you can take advantage of today's housing marketing conditions! We'll show you how it's possible to move into a great home right away.

Finding Your Next Home

Selecting a place to live involves more than deciding how many bedrooms you need and what size you'd like your yard to be. Buying a home lets you make a statement about where you're heading in life. Purchasing real estate creates a bridge between where you are today and what your dreams are. Often we'll start our home search thinking about places we've lived in earlier in our lives. It's easy to become excited about a house that reminds you of where you grew up.

But it's also a good idea to think about what your needs will be in the near future when you're making a list of features you want in a home. Decide what furniture you want to move into your new residence and measure it, so you can be certain everything will fit. Taking your time and considering housing alternatives helps you find a suitable long-term solution. You may want to think about whether you'd like to live in a townhouse close to your work, or a detached home further out.

Looking at a number of properties helps you weigh various factors as you move towards choosing. Finalizing a selection involves analyzing options and being aware of trade-offs you're making. But you'll be rewarded when you find the perfect spot for your household to live. Buying a home and obtaining financing are important tasks which need to be performed carefully. Working with professionals gives you the benefit of their experience at this crucial time.

We'll assist you by showing how different mortgage products would work for you. Contact us when you're ready to start house shopping, and we'll let you know what a realistic price range would be for you. has a Shopper Approved rating of 4.7/5 based on 177 ratings and reviews