Hiring by U.S. companies is showing the healthy growth we've been waiting for. Total employment nationally now is higher than before the last recession.


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July 2014

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Job Growth Signals Stronger Economy

Hiring by U.S. companies is showing the healthy growth we've been waiting for. Total employment nationally now is higher than before the last recession. Five straight months of strong job gains indicate this could be a lasting trend. We haven't seen such a string of positive employment activity since January 2000. Our falling unemployment rate also may lead to higher average wages for Americans. Employers struggling to find workers will have to boost pay scales to find the help they need.

More jobs and bigger paychecks add vigor to our economy. Already we're seeing higher vehicle sales, and that trend is expected to grow. Increased consumer spending encourages firms to invest and expand to meet growing demand. A healthy cycle of expansion starts moving throughout the economy as both households and businesses boost their activity.

A heightened pace of home sales is part of this scenario. Young people who have been living with roommates or parents will purchase their own property as soon as they reasonably can. Positive home sale patterns are emerging. Transactions are expected to rise in the second half of this year, adds the National Association of Realtors.

Favorable Conditions

While the timing of our recovery will vary in different parts of the country, what's important is that overall growth is widely regarded as being strong enough to remain self-sustaining. Some observers believe we're still early in this phase of economic expansion. Yet our continued low rates make it possible to purchase a home with affordable payments. Let us show you how you can accomplish a smart buy soon. You'll obtain payments which won't change as long as you own your home.

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Save Now

Borrowing costs rose last spring when investors became concerned the Federal Reserve was pulling away from its low-rate policies. But those fears proved to be unfounded in the months afterward, as purchases of mortgage-backed securities by the Fed dominated the market. High demand for mortgages from the central bank has encouraged rates to fall in recent months. Recently rates hit their lowest levels since 2013, notes mortgage investment firm Freddie Mac.

Homeowners who would benefit from moving into a larger home or a neighborhood closer to family, activities or jobs should start looking at properties soon. We also can show renters mortgage options which feature low down payments. Get in touch with us today to discover what your payments would be on a terrific home. We'll work on your to ensure everything goes smoothly.

A Relaxing Investment

Vacation home purchases have increased over the past two years. Growth actually has been stronger than in the market for primary residences. About one in seven real estate transactions will involve vacation homes this year. One positive development for persons in the vacation home market is that fewer investors are eyeing these properties now. Vacation homes are being bought to use and enjoy, rather than sell for a quick profit.

Some prospective buyers wonder if having a second home will become a burden. It's important to think about these concerns - but also consider the advantages you'll receive from owning a vacation property. Taking time off from work is easier when you have a place to go to that you're already familiar with. You'll soon discover recreation opportunities you can enjoy regularly. You can obtain additional tax breaks and extra income by renting out your property when you're not there. And you may choose eventually to retire at your vacation place.

Purchasing now lets you get to know an area before moving there permanently. You'll also benefit from buying with the help of current subdued rates and attractive real estate values. Using today's low rates to buy a vacation property can pay off in numerous ways. Talk with us soon if you're thinking about purchasing a second home. We'll show you what payments you could expect on a great vacation property.

New Retirement Plans

Some commentators are concerned that baby boomers will sell their homes as they enter retirement, causing a glut of properties on the market. Yet this analysis ignores two important factors. First, the baby boomers' offspring are greater in number than the boomer generation. Right now they're entering their prime home buying years, and will create plenty of real estate demand.

Secondly, it's important to note that baby boomers haven't followed their parents' life patterns. Previously a real estate collapse was feared when boomers started raising children. Those pessimistic predictions were based on the notion that, like their parents, the boomers would stay put as their children grew up. But it didn't turn out that way - boomers proved eager to continue moving up, even when experts thought they'd settle down.

Millennials on the Move

Americans in their 30's are getting ready to buy homes, says Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies. Its "State of the Nation's Housing 2014" report predicts that young Americans - the Millennial Generation -- will establish millions of new households over the next ten years. "Millennials will form 24 million new households, while baby boomers will shed three million households and pre-boomer households will drop by ten million households over the next ten years," Harvard reports.

Each of the new households will need a place to live, and that means future real estate markets should be healthy. Many young people are preparing for these moves by saving money and paying off student debt. Our ongoing economic recovery also is generating more jobs, which will make it easier for Americans to make a first-home purchase. Encourage young people who are ready to shop for homes to contact us right away!