Use your VA loan to buy a home with no down payment. The Department of VA recently increased the Maximum Guaranty Amount for veteran home loans.


National Averages for July 24, 2014


3.95% Rate
3.96% APR


3.0% Rate
3.29% APR
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DD214: Proof of Military Service

An important part of your military records.

Certificate of Eligibility

You'll need this before you get a VA home loan.


VA Mortgage Rates


Do you know what's on your credit report?

Learn what your score means.

Do you know what's on your credit report?

Learn what your score means.

VA Loans for Veterans

Read About News, Updates, and Guidelines

The people at specialize in getting VA mortgage loans for our customers. We offer a full menu of VA loan products focused on meeting the home financing needs of active duty military and veterans across the country. Our complimentary pre-approvals give you the comfort you need to shop for your home with confidence.


Read About Veteran Mortgage News, Updates, and Guidelines
Credit Card Fraud and Your VA Loan Application

Recent headlines about big-box retailers who were victims of credit card fraud have resulted in thousands of people wondering if their accounts have been compromised. Potential VA borrowers have plenty of reasons to be concerned.

VA Loans for Guard/Reserve Members

Are you a member of the National Guard or are a Reservist interested in using your VA home loan benefits? Do you know what the basic eligibility requirements for using your VA loan benefits are?

Do VA Loans Require Flood Insurance?

Some borrowers want to know whether there’s a requirement for hazard insurance with VA home loans. A quick look at VA loan rules covering the hazard insurance issue, reveals a requirement for the lender to insure the home is protected.

VA Loan Employment Requirements: Time Spent at Your Current Job

VA loan rules can and do make exceptions for certain job requirements based on the nature of an applicant’s training, skill levels, and overall employability, and permit loans for borrowers who are new to the civilian employment market .

VA Loan Maturity Rules: What You Should Know

VA loans have a variety of rules about the structure of mortgage loan payments, interest rate agreements, and the maturity date of the loan. Your VA loan payment structure will be spelled out in the loan paperwork.

VA Home Loans in Separate States?

Borrowers interested in buying a home with a new purchase VA mortgage are required to certify that they will live in the home personally and that the property is to be used for their personal occupancy.

Basic Rules You Should Know About ARMs

In the same way that the real estate market itself goes through cycles, so does the popularity of certain types of VA home loans. This has a lot to do with the general state of the economy and personal preferences.

VA Benefit Updates for Same Sex Couples and Joint Loans

This update to VA home loan rules includes a warning for same-sex married couples who may be eligible for VA mortgage loans. Since not all states recognize same-sex marriages, VA loan procedures and requirements may depend on the location of the borrower.

VA Loans for Dependent Children of Veterans?

VA loans are generally for only the veteran, veteran and spouse together, or the surviving spouse of a veteran under certain circumstances. Some non-veterans are allowed to apply.

Signing a Sales Contract Before VA Appraisal Results

When shopping for a home to purchase using a VA guaranteed home loan, sometimes there are situations where the borrower is asked to sign a sales contract before getting the results of the VA appraisal.

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