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VA loan rules have special provisions for certain surviving spouses of military members who have died. There are many questions about this part of the VA loan program.


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VA Loan Rules For Suriving Spouses

VA loan rules have special provisions for certain surviving spouses of military members who have died. There are many questions about this part of the VA loan program--one type of common question goes something like this:

“My parents bought their last home with a VA loan. Recently my Dad (the veteran) has died of natural causes; can my mom (not a veteran) get a VA loan?”

The first thing to do when dealing with issues like this is to contact the Department of Veterans Affairs directly by calling 1-800 827-1000. Getting VA loan benefits started or continued is a process that should be done as soon as possible once it’s understood that those benefits will be needed--especially when it comes to a VA home loan. The process of establishing eligibility for the loan may take time, and it may be very difficult to do so in time if the potential borrower has already started making arrangements to purchase a home--contact the VA as far in advance of the actual need for the loan as possible for best results.

When it comes to VA loan benefits for surviving spouses of military members who have died, The VA official site features a page with some information under a section titled, “Surviving spouse of a deceased veteran eligible for the home loan benefit” which says:

“The unmarried surviving spouse of a veteran who died on active duty or as the result of a service-connected disability is eligible for the home loan benefit. If you wish to make application for the home loan benefit as a surviving spouse, contact our Atlanta Eligibility Center. In addition, a surviving spouse who obtained a VA home loan with the veteran prior to his or her death (regardless of the cause of death), may obtain a VA guaranteed interest rate reduction refinance loan. For more information, contact our Atlanta Eligibility Center.”

More details are available from this link to the Atlanta Eligibility Center. According to the VA, “The Veterans Benefits Administration has created a ‘survivors’ Web site for spouses and dependents of military personnel who died on active duty and for the survivors and dependents of veterans who died after leaving the military. The Web site is organized into two broad categories – death in service and death after service. It provides website visitors with information about a wide range of benefits for the surviving spouse, dependent children, and dependent parents of deceased veterans and active-duty personnel... http://www.vba.va.gov/survivors/.”

When it comes time to apply for VA loan benefits as a surviving spouse, the VA will require certain documentation including proof of military service and death certificates for the veteran. Be sure to have this paperwork ready when you apply for your benefits. For more information on these and other requirements, contact the VA directly at 1-800 827-1000.