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VA Loan Entitlement Loan Articles

  • A young military family stand in front of their home, smiling.
    What You Should Know About VA Loan Bonus Entitlement

    VA Loan entitlement comes in two forms (basic VA loan entitlement, and bonus entitlement). Bonus entitlement can be used with any remaining VA loan basic entitlement or on its own.

  • keys to a property in a person's hand
    Owning Other Property While Applying for VA Mortgage

    VA loan rules have no prohibition against a borrower owning another property purchased with a non-VA loan while trying to apply for a new-purchase VA mortgage or refinance loan.

  • A military couple holds hands
    VA Loan Options for Military Couples

    For married couples looking for a VA home loan, when both are in the military, there are a variety of options when it comes to using VA insured loan benefits.

  • A 'For Sale' sign sits in front of a house
    Selling a Home Purchased with a VA Loan

    VA homeowners who are looking to sell their property can market it to any potential buyer and accept any kind of financing.