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  • Are There Title Restrictions on VA Loans?

    Borrowers exploring their options with the VA loan program will learn that the Department of Veterans Affairs will not guaranty loans that restrict the borrower’s ...

  • VA Loans and Title Insurance

    Does the VA require title insurance? Some borrowers may discuss their VA loan options with a lender that does require title insurance, but is it ...

  • VA Loan Rules: The Mandatory Escape Clause

    There are many questions about VA home loans, but not all of them come from the buyer's perspective. Sellers are also curious about the ins ...

  • Scams and What You Can Do About Them

    In recent years, there have been reports of third-party companies contacting and offering to help VA borrowers in trouble on their home loans or facing ...

  • Is There an Age Limit on VA Home Loans?

    The VA loan benefit is offered to all qualifying veterans who have met their time in service requirements and/or discharge requirements. Some military people use ...

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