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VA Loans For Purchases In Other Countries

Veterans may choose to move overseas for work opportunities, retirement or simply for a change in lifestyle. Some may have connections to a foreign country through their personal or family history, while others may be interested in exploring new cultures and experiences.

Additionally, Veterans who have served overseas during their military career may develop an urge to live in a country they were stationed in. Factors such as the cost of living, healthcare options and quality of life may also influence a Veteran's decision to move overseas.

In this article, we'll dive into the possibilities of using your VA benefits for property purchases in other countries, shedding light on the opportunities available for Veterans seeking a fresh start.

Can I Buy a Home Overseas with a VA Loan?

Unfortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs does not permit the use of VA loans for property purchases outside the United States. The VA loan program is specifically designed to support Veterans in securing affordable financing for homes within the United States.

However, there is some good news — Veterans looking to buy property within U.S. territories can technically live “overseas” while still being able to access their VA loan benefits.

U.S. Territories That Qualify for a VA Loan

The VA loan program allows purchases in several U.S. territories and possessions including:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • The U.S. Virgin Islands
  • American Samoa
  • The Northern Mariana Islands

Each of these U.S. territories offers a distinct lifestyle and environment, providing Veterans with diverse options to utilize their VA loan benefits while exploring life beyond the continental United States.

Can I Use a VA Loan if I am Overseas?

Yes, if you are a Veteran or active-duty military member stationed overseas, you can still utilize a VA loan to purchase a property. However, the same rules apply — the property you buy must be located within the United States or one of its territories and meet the minimum property requirements. This option is fairly common for active-duty military members who wish to use their benefits while serving abroad.

In eligible American territories and possessions, VA homebuyers can use their overseas loans to: