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VA Loan Eligibility Loan Articles

  • Military uniform with American flag arm patch
    VA Loan Myths: The Honorable Discharge Requirement

    Do VA Loan rules require a borrower to have an honorable discharge in order to qualify for the program? In this post we look at the honorable discharge myth.

  • Veteran with daughter hugging
    VA Loans for Dependent Children of Veterans?

    VA loans are generally for only the veteran, veteran and spouse together or the surviving spouse of a veteran under certain circumstances.

  • Military couple sitting with counselor
    VA Loans and Divorce Settlements

    One of the common topics about VA loan eligibility is related to what happens to a VA loan or the ability to apply for one after divorce.

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  • Active duty military member in uniform
    VA Loan Rules for Currently Serving Military Members

    Currently serving military members who want to apply for VA insured home loans should know about the rules for VA loan applicants.

  • a home for sale with a short sale sign in front of it
    VA Loan Eligibility and Short Sales

    When a VA borrower starts having trouble making VA mortgage loan payments, sometimes the only alternative to foreclosure is a short sale--a transaction where the borrower agrees to sell for less than the property is worth.

  • A close up of a veteran's hand filling out paperwork.
    Proof of Service Requirements for VA Home Loans

    One of the first things you're required to do when applying for a VA mortgage is proving that you're on active duty and in good standing with your branch of the service.

  • A group of veterans fill out paperwork
    How to Get a Copy of Your DD-214

    Your DD Form 214 is your proof of military service. It shows the nature of your discharge, dates of service, and current classification (retired, separated, Guard or Reserve status).

  • national guard and reserve members
    VA Loans for National Guard and Reserve Members

    Reservists and members of the National Guard have access to the VA home loan program. Some may need to meet different eligibility criteria in order to be approved for a VA home loan.