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VA Loan Articles

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VA Loan Costs and Fees

  • VA Loan Discount Points

    Negotiating the interest rate on your VA mortgage with the lender is a stressful time. Read about potential discount points here.

  • VA Loans and Real Estate Agent/Broker Fees

    “I just bought a home using a VA Loan and just found out that the electrical circuits are not grounded. Is this something that should have been discovered at the time of the appraisal?”

  • VA Expands Funding Fee Waiver Rules

    The passage of Public Law 112-154, the Honoring America's Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012, meant a great many changes to ...

  • VA Loan Funding Fee Refunds

    Part of the cost of a VA guaranteed home loan is the payment of a VA loan funding fee. Some borrowers are exempt from the funding fee and some get it refunded.

  • VA Loan Down Payment and Funding Fee Issues

    While it's true that VA borrowers eligible for a no-down payment VA loan can save money up front, some buyers may choose to make a ...

  • When Do I Pay the VA Loan Funding Fee?

    Buyers have the option to finance the VA funding fee or pay it in cash, but however the borrower chooses to pay; the funding fee must be paid at closing time.

  • The VA Loan Lender's Flat Fee

    There are many frequently asked questions about the various stages of the VA loan process. When VA borrowers move from applicants to approved borrowers and ...

  • How Much is the VA Loan Funding Fee?

    The Dept. of Veterans Affairs guarantees every VA Loan that is originated. The VA uses its Funding Fee to finance this guarantee.

  • How Much Does the Buyer Pay Up Front?

    "How much do I pay up front?" That is one of the most common questions asked about VA home loans, and the answer depends. Every loan ...

  • VA Loan Fees the Borrower Cannot Pay

    When you go to purchase a home with a VA guaranteed mortgage, you’ll typically encounter fees like closing costs and other expenses. How those get ...

  • VA Loans and Seller Concessions

    When buying a home with a VA loan, the seller can offer concessions that make the sale more attractive to the buyer. These concessions are ...

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