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VA Mortgage Calculator With Taxes

How Much Are My Payments?

Use our VA mortgage calculator to determine your monthly payments with a VA loan.'s calculator takes into account variables specific to VA loans, including the VA funding fee.

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DISCLAIMER: The VA has determined the acceptable debt-to-income ratio to be 41%, and this is used as a guide in the calculations above. The debt-to-income ratio is a ratio of total monthly debt payments (housing expense, installment debts, and so on) to gross monthly income. In circumstances where the ratio exceeds 41%, the VA automatic underwriter can consider the ratio in conjunction with all other credit factors. Calculations by this tool are believed to be accurate, yet are not guaranteed. Further review is necessary to obtain an exact qualification.

How the VA Loan Calculator Works's VA loan calculator is easy to use - enter or adjust the fields to reflect your situation, and the calculator will update your monthly payment in real-time.

Using a VA loan calculator gives you a good understanding of monthly payments for different loan amounts with a VA loan.

What is a VA loan?

A VA loan is a home loan option guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs for Veterans, service members and military spouses. The VA loan provides a $0 down payment option that is issued by a private lender, like a bank or mortgage company.

Learn more about VA loans here or view VA loan eligibility requirements here.

Are VA loans calculated differently than conventional?

While the VA loan process is similar to other mortgage transactions, calculating payments for VA loans differs from conventional, FHA and USDA loans.

VA Loans have the VA funding fee, which varies depending on service type, and may not be required at all. Conversely, conventional loans may have PMI, FHA loans have a monthly insurance premium, and USDA loans have an upfront fee and monthly fee. All fees vary, which is where a specific calculator for VA loans comes in handy.

Included in the calculation above is the VA funding fee if applicable to you, which is a governmental fee applied to every VA purchase or refinance loan that goes to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The VA funding fee depends on several factors, including if you've used a VA loan before or have a down payment. Those with a service-connected disability, military spouses and Purple Heart recipients are exempt from paying the VA funding fee.

Learn more about VA funding fees here.

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