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VA Loan Articles

Read about Veteran Mortgage News, Updates and Guidelines

Loan Program Basics

  • VA Loans vs USDA Loans

    Veteran homebuyers oftentimes choose to use the VA home loan benefit to purchase a home because of the zero down payment requirements. Some may not be aware of another option out there that’s available to non-veteran buyers that offer 100% financing as well.

  • 5 Steps to Finding the Right VA Lender

    Before you can use your VA loan benefits, you'll need the help of a VA approved lender. Here are 5 steps to compare the nation's top VA lenders.

  • Are There Title Restrictions on VA Loans?

    Borrowers exploring their options with the VA loan program will learn that the Department of Veterans Affairs will not guaranty loans that restrict the borrower’s ...

  • VA Loans and Title Insurance

    Does the VA require title insurance? Some borrowers may discuss their VA loan options with a lender that does require title insurance, but is it ...

  • VA Loan Rules: The Mandatory Escape Clause

    There are many questions about VA home loans, but not all of them come from the buyer's perspective. Sellers are also curious about the ins ...

  • Scams and What You Can Do About Them

    In recent years, there have been reports of third-party companies contacting and offering to help VA borrowers in trouble on their home loans or facing ...

  • Is There an Age Limit on VA Home Loans?

    Borrowers should know there is no time limit or "maximum age" limit on VA loans. As long as a borrower is otherwise qualified, age and ...

  • Do VA Loans Require An Escrow Account?

    VA loans have a variety of requirements, but not all of those requirements are part of the VA loan rulebook. Some are rules set and ...

  • Types of VA Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

    There are many different VA home loan benefits available to qualifying disabled veterans. One benefit includes types of housing grants for home renovation.

  • VA Home Loan Down Payment Facts

    One of the most important things a borrower can do when considering the purchase of a new home is to compare loans, loan types and ...

  • VA Loan Down Payments and Maximum Loan Amounts

    If you're looking for a VA guaranteed loan, you may be curious about the maximum amount you are entitled to borrow. Some borrowers are surprised ...

  • What is a VA Compromise Sale?

    If you get an offer lower than the payoff amount on your VA home loan, contact the VA about a compromise sale to pay the difference.

  • Types of VA Loan Repayment Plans

    When applying for a VA loan, there are a variety of repayment plans to choose from. If you haven't thought of how you'd like to ...

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