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Property Requirements Loan Articles

  • A house surrounded by flood water.
    Do VA Loans Require Flood Insurance?

    VA loans to individual borrowers are simpler than the requirements for VA loans to two or more borrowers. Read here about the different rules for borrowers.

  • An old red farmhouse
    VA Home Loans: Does Age of the Home Matter?

    Does the VA have standards about how old a home can be and still get VA loan approval? The VA loan rule book does not specifically reference the age of a home.

  • A tight shot of a person plugging a cord into a power strip
    VA Minimum Property Requirements for Electrical Systems

    If you're interested in buying a particular home with a VA-insured loan, that property must meet a set of minimum standards, called VA Minimum Property Requirements, or MPRs for short.

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  • A condominium building
    VA Condo Project Approval Process

    Mortgages through the VA home loan program aren't just for suburban homes. See how military homebuyers can purchase a condo through the VA loan program.

  • Duplex and multi family units
    VA Loan Requirements for Multi-Family Units

    VA loans have a variety of applications. Did you know you can apply for a VA home loan for properties with up to four units? Learn how in this article.

  • Pest control specialist inspecting under a home
    VA Loan Rules for Termite Inspections

    Termite infestations are very difficult to spot unless there is obvious damage. Fortunately, VA loan rules are designed to protect the buyer and the property the VA borrower wants to purchase.

  • A close shot of a paint can sitting on a ladder
    VA Loan Rules for Homes With Lead Paint

    The VA-assigned appraiser must assume that "a defective paint condition on any interior or exterior surface of properties built prior to 1978 involves lead-based paint.

  • couple discussing their homebuying options
    All About VA MPR Waivers

    Each home appraised must meet the VA’s Minimum Property Requirements, which ensures the home is built according to local building codes, federal law and VA standards for safety and inhabitability.

  • A veteran sits on the steps of his home with his two young children
    Exceptions to the VA Minimum Property Requirements

    Property to be purchased with a VA home loan must meet a list of Department of Veterans Affairs minimum property requirements. They cover a wide range of issues from accessibility to health and safety.

  • A man in a red shirt inspects the roof of a house
    Why You Need a VA Appraisal and a Home Inspection

    VA appraisal and VA inspection are terms often used interchangeably, but there are important distinctions between these crucial elements of the home buying process.

  • Gloved hand testing well water
    VA Property Requirements for Well Water, Cisterns and Springs

    Private and shared wells, cisterns and springs are common, and these properties can still be purchased with VA loans with a few additional requirements.