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About VA MPR Appraisal Waivers

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House hunters who find a home they want to buy with a VA mortgage must have the home appraised by a VA-assigned professional before the loan can be approved.

Each home appraised must meet the VA's Minimum Property Requirements, which ensures the home is built according to local building codes, federal law and VA standards for safety and inhabitability. MPRs provide a standard in determining that the property is safe and structurally sound to live in.

Because borrowers cannot waive a VA appraisal, an MPR waiver can waive certain repair requirements if the home does not meet the VA’s MPR standards.

Am I eligible for a VA Appraisal MPR waiver?

VA waivers for minimum property requirements are only issued on a case-by-case basis. There is no "template" or boilerplate for determining whether a property qualifies for an MPR waiver. The Department of Veterans Affairs may agree to waive some requirements if:

  • The borrower and lender agree on the request for an MPR waiver
  • The property is habitable in terms of safety and structure

The Department of Veterans Affairs has the final say in all MPR waivers or exemptions. Decisions are often made by the nearest VA field office or Regional Loan Center with jurisdiction. VA MPR waivers usually do not require centralized review or processing.