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Reusing Your Benefits Loan Articles

  • Getting a VA Loan After Foreclosure

    If you've recently gone through a foreclosure, you may be wondering if you'll ever be able to purchase a home again. Fortunately, it's often possible to buy a home after a foreclosure if you've rebuilt your credit and met the waiting or seasoning period.

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    The VA Loan Funding Fee for Subsequent Use

    When you buy a home with a VA mortgage, there are associated fees and expenses including VA appraisal fees, and the VA loan funding fee. Generally, all Veterans using the VA Home Loan Guaranty benefit must pay a funding fee.

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    VA Loan Assumption - What Veterans Need to Know

    Do you know the circumstances where you are allowed to sell the home and have the seller assume the VA mortgage?

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    Why Can't I Get My VA Loan Eligibility Restored?

    Some veterans who take advantage of their VA loan benefit don't think about using it again, but there are several circumstances where a borrower can get their VA home loan eligibility restored.