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VA Loan Rules for Homes With Lead Paint

Before a VA loan can close, the property must pass VA appraisal standards. An appraiser assigned by the VA will inspect the property to ensure it meets all VA minimum property requirements.

One of the core reasons for the VA appraisal is to verify that the property is safe for Veterans and their families. It’s this safety requirement that could block VA financing if the property has lead paint or peeling paint.

VA Loan Requirements for Peeling Paint

Peeling paint may seem like a small cosmetic issue to many homebuyers, but VA loan minimum property requirements state that homes cannot include “chipping, cracking, scaling, peeling or loose” paint. Peeling paint can signify the presence of lead in the paint, especially for homes built before 1978.

Even if a home was built in or after 1978, VA appraisers may require the seller to fix any major paint defects before closing. Typically, paint repairs needed where lead isn’t a concern are relatively simple fixes.

VA Requirements for Lead Paint Removal

If lead paint is found on the property, the VA has specific instructions on how to proceed:

  • The location of the lead paint will need to be thoroughly washed and cleaned to ensure the removal of all paint.
  • The area must be repainted with two coats of non-leaded paint.
  • The VA requires the lead paint to be removed or covered with a material like plywood or plaster before new painting can occur if the original surface cannot be maintained.

The property must meet the criteria listed above or be brought into compliance in order to qualify for a VA mortgage. Have questions about the VA loan process? Get in touch with a VA lender today.