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Frequently Asked Questions

What role does the VA play in helping me get a loan?

Some first-time home buyers are misinformed as to the workings of a VA Loan. The Veterans Administration does not normally act as a lending agent. Instead, the VA is in the business of guaranteeing the loans of veteran. In most cases, the VA offers a guaranty to those who meet the requirements, the first of which include a good credit rating. If you are considering any kind of home loan, it's best to consult a credit counselor and a financial planner to find out what credit rating you already have and what you can do to improve your credit rating before applying for the guaranty.

It's important to know that a VA home loan guaranty is available only if the veteran has the income to handle house payments. A VA loan guaranty is not an automatic benefit. Your financial planner or credit counselor can go a long way towards helping you prepare your personal finances before filling out that home buyer's paperwork.

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